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Another entry. :P

Sorry i left the computer since it was late ...

well, today was a nice day... people from student counsel were handing out candy grams. Basically, candygrams are like "secret santa" candy giving.
i got one today, from my friend Keith because he owed me a dollar since i bought him A LOAF OF BREAD! haha!
but it was really nice of him to waste his time picking the candycane color for me :)

Sherry and i got insanely high today when we walked to her house for lunch, yelling ans screaming random stuff and running around! she's sucha sweety. :P
usually, alotta people go over to Sherry's ....people like: sam , dion (of course) , andy w, jason t, timothy, jacky (ew :( ) , andrew, jon, and myself. and we do the most random things at her house, usually on the laptop playing, or up and down the stairs :P it never gets old :)

not to be a pest or anything, but sometimes i dislike this guy named Jacky, and i got my reasons too .
well, firstly, sometimes he's such a hypocrite :( i dont like people that swear in like, every single sentence they say, and with attitude too. he sometimes pick up random fights...and he hogs like, everything...i just dont like those personality traits .

this other person, i dont really like as well. her name is garland. she acts all nice towards everyone at first...but then i saw past her. she's really proper and attitude-y...
i mean like, i dislike her because once, i bought a pack of candy...and i shared with people around me, and she was one of them. then when i wasnt looking, she just took my bag and took 4 more candies out...and told me, "oh im gonna just take a few more...." when i didnt even tell her i let her to so, since the rest of the candy was for my other friends that didnt get any yet...
and when i was speaking to her, she would be like "like omg, wait... -sticks index finger to my face- can't you see im looking at something?!"
also, oh my geez, she takes my private stuff and notes and reads them....i hate when people invade my privacy....

Hey guys .

Well, this is basically my first time typing in here, so hey to everyone that reads this :)
Currently...in high school, really fun :P
so yes...christmas break is almost here! and im really crazed by it. gotta buy presents! and all the running around.

siblings....annoying as ever! but they are siblings....so i dont blame them. we get on each other's nerves , but we love each other ;)

high school is really fun, as i said before. my highschool is really near the elementary school i used to go to, so most of the people i was in public school with are now in my highschool. i made so much new friends, and yet, ive lost some too :( Sherry, Andrew, Tim, Jon, Keith, Dion, JT, Claire... almost always been there for me this semester, i love them all <3 :D

my best bud, sherry, oh my goodness, i can't even talk about it....well yes i can actually. we met on the FIRST day of highschool during orientation :P and we found out we were in 2 of the same classes, and we started talking and talking....and hanging out now :) ah, we made so many inside jokes, mostly dirty ones >:). i love her :D .

my other best bud... andrew. he's from uh ....elementary school. the first time we met was...during french class when our french teacher put us in the same table for the month....and he just randomly started kicking me! :( bruises back then...and it got more rough everytime we start kicking. everyone kept saying we were "footsy-ing" ....HAH what a pain the the ass! :P but we eventually stopped kicking...and we met on msn...chatted on and on... going through good times and bad ...he's like my secret holder now, and i am his ... and i guess...we love each other in a brotherly/sisterly way :) but sometimes, he's annoying D:, with the "im bored" phrase all the time! ... and those TAUNTS! about "Saw" movies, those gory moments scare me, and he keeps bringing those sceneries up so i hulusinate everytime ...-__-

keith...hm, he's a good bud, met in math class and he told me to guess which school he went to and i guessed right on my first try...i think that's how we became friends... and we went to fear fest together with sherry and andrew, and bonds got tighter there. i love his weird voices, sometimes they scare me, but most of the time, it makes the whole atmosphere change :)

this guy, adrian, hah, he's quite awesome too, BUTT gazer! haha, we just made it up during math class, all thanks to this other guy Yi Ping :P

....well, ill continue about my friend list some other time, since i gotta get off soon ...-___-

 highschool is like.."mating season"  ..I got new crushes... and sometimes it kills, you know? :(
every had the feeling of a kick in the stomach when you like someone? ...ah yes -__- but i know it's just a crush so ill pass that along :P
and he's like...my good friend too, sometimes i wish love wasn't made to be that hard.

well, getting late...
ill write when i got time :)
i still got some homework to do :\
hahaha .
teachers get so much harder when it comes to highschool, no more slacking like in elementary, how i missed the good OLD days :(
well, good bye .
thank you for reading? ...i guess : )

Sin .


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